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What are mental health support groups?

Support groups can make a impact on a persons ability to manage their mental health issue. They can be facilitated by a mental health professional or a member with lived experience of mental health. They can take many forms, online groups are currently popular and useful because of the Covid19 restrictions, this has helped people with mental health issues to continue support throughout the pandemic and many may continue to do so after the pandemic ends. In person groups are the most common and im sure these will continue when restrictions end.

Some support groups prefer to meet whilst carrying out an activity like gardening or pottery making, this can have the added effect of receiving much needed support from peers whilst benefiting from the grounding/stress relieving affects of these activities. The main aims of all these groups is for people with similar issues to come together, share experiences, pass on their ways of managing conditions and reduce isolation. If you are interested in attending a mental health support group then you could try your local GP/ social prescriber who should be able to point you in the direction of local groups or you can search for one on the following website

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