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Knocking Out Stress - How Boxing Helps My Anxiety

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This past year has been a stressful one for all of us. Between cost of living crisis , work worries, and everyday life, our anxiety levels have all gone through the roof. I definitely started feeling it myself - constantly on edge, trouble sleeping, snapping at loved ones over minor things. The constant unease was too much.

So I decided enough was enough – it was time to take action and find a healthy way to get my stress under control. That’s when I rediscovered just how brilliant boxing is for blasting away anxiety and boosting your mood.

Now, I’m no professional fighter. But I’ve started popping down to my local boxing gym a few evenings a week to hit the bags and mitt work with my trainer. And , I feel so much more zen and clear-headed after each session!

It’s incredible how effective boxing is at reducing stress and easing anxiety. Throwing combinations at those bags, working up a sweat – it forces you to fully immerse yourself in the exercise. No room for worrying thoughts to creep in!

And the sense of accomplishment you get from landing hard, crisp punches is such a great confidence boost. I walk out of every session feeling like a million dollars, endorphins flooding my system. It’s better than any drug for lifting your mood.

Being completely focused on the boxing is such a brilliant distraction from the endless cycle of anxious thinking too. Having that outlet to physically vent my stress is therapeutic in itself. Plus it tires me out enough to sleep soundly, which is so important for mental health.

I like to spend a few minutes after each session meditating and relaxing my muscles before I head home, recapping what I learned and visualizing landing newly-taught combos. Really helps me unwind fully after the intense workout.

Now don’t get me wrong – I know exercise alone can’t cure severe anxiety. If your stress is really out of control, be sure to consult your GP or a therapist like at the Cambridge and Ely Psychotherapy service. But pairing counselling with regular boxing training can really help shift your mindset.

Bottom line is we all need to find healthy ways to relieve stress that work for us. For me, sweating out my worries in the ring has been an absolute game-changer for reducing anxiety and boosting my mood. Give boxing a go – I guarantee your mind and body will thank you for it!

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